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Costume Designer

Matrix 4

Lana Wachowski

Krypton (Series 2)

Cameron Welsh; Marc Roskin; Jute Ramsay

The ABC Murders

Alex Gabassi

Sense8 (Series Finale)

Lana Wachowski, James McTeigue

Juliet, Naked

Jesse Peretz

The Frankenstein Chronicles (Season 2)

Alex Gabassi

Sense8 (Season 2)

Lana Wachowski, James McTeigue

The Forest (UK designer)

Jason Zada

And Then There Were None

Craig Vivieros

 Lana and Andy Wachowski, James McTeigue

David Blair, Geoff Sax

 Jon Drever


Ron Scalpello


Jonathan Van Tulleken

Tom Vaughan, Craig Vivieros, Colm McCarthy

Stephen Poliakoff

*** Royal Television Society Award nomination for best costume design

​The Equestrian

Sybil H. Mair

All That Way for Love

Henry Mason


Ellen Perry

Deep and Crisp and Even

Brett Foraker

Through The Window

Barry Skolnick

Ding Dong

 Dawn Shadforth

Let It Snow

 Sam Miller

The Professor and the Madman

Farhad Safinia  (production suspended)

 Keith Melton


Jaume Collet-Serra

Danny Cannon

How Do You Want Me? (I & II)

John Henderson

Easier Ways To Make a Living

Adam Randall



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Costume Supervisor

Quantum of Solace

Director:   Marc Forster

Designer: Louise Frogley

Mamma Mia

Director:   Phyllida Lloyd

Designer: Ann Roth


Director:   Stephen Spielberg

Designer: Joanna Johnston

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Director: Tim Burton

Designer: Gabriella Pescucci


Director:   Mike Nichols

Designer: Ann Roth

The Village

Director:   M. Night Shyamalan

Designer: Ann Roth

Stepford Wives

Director:   Frank Oz

Designer: Ann Roth

Van Helsing (2nd Unit)

Director:   Stephen Sommers

Designer: Gabriella Pescucci

Cold Mountain

Director:   Anthony Minghella

Designer: Ann Roth


Director:  Stephen Daldry

Designer: Ann Roth

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

Director:   Terry Gilliam

Designer: Gabriella Pescucci

Kafka (Assistant Costume Designer)

Director:   Stephen Soderburgh

Designer: Michael Jeffrey

The Mists of Avalon

Director:   Uli Edel

Designer: Carlo Poggioli

Jason and the Golden Fleece

Director:   Nick Willing

Designer: Carlo Poggioli

Don Quixote

Director:   Peter Yates

Designer: Charles Knode

Christmas Carol

Director:   David Hugh Jones

Designer: Charles Knode

Frenchman's Creek

Director:   Ferdinand Fairfax

Designer: Vangie Harrison

Kavanagh QC (Series II-IV)

Director:   Carlton Productions

Designer: Sue Yelland

Maria Stuarda

Director:   Jonathan Miller

Designer: Claire Mitchell

Roberto Devereux

Director:   Jonathan Miller

Designer: Claire Mitchell

Peer Gynt

Director:   Yukio Ninagawa

Designer: Lily Komine

The Mahabarata

Director:   Peter Brooke

Designer: Chloe Obolensky

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Commercials & Promos

Royal London "Dentist"

Ben Whitehouse (Agile Films)

Steve Millar (Radical Media)

Phones4U "Film on 4 idents"

Ben whitehouse (Agile Films)

More Than

Greg Brunkalla (Stink)

Six Nations

Caswell Coggins (Red Bee Media)


Unknown (Red Bee Media)


Paul King (Stink)


Ralf Schmerberg (Stink)

Children In Need

Mikko (Red Bee Media)

Jake Lunt (The Viral Factory)

"New Season Football"

Matthew Lotasso (Red Bee Media)

CBBC "Long Hot Summer"

Dawn Parsonage (Red Bee Media)

Russian Road Safety "Passenger"

Ne-O (Stink)

Sony "Wimbledon" 3D

Matt Rhodes (Red Bee Media)

Flashman "To The Victor!"

Timothy Bricknell (Airside)

BBC 6 Music "Music Makers"

Dom Bridges (Red Bee Media)

BBC HD Launch

Julien Lutz (Red Bee Media)

Cif "Manu Chao"

Alexand Liane (Factory Films)

The Sun "Vibe Project"

Bryan Buckley (Hungry Man)

Hyundai 10 x Idents

Elliott Hegarty (Infinity)

Sade "Soldier of Love"

Sophie Muller (Factory Films)

Danone "Launch" Efficacy

Dawn Shadforth (RSA)

Heshey's "Bliss"

Bearfight (Stink)

Sony Ericsson "Showtime"

Eric Hillenbrand (Berlin Films)

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